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Is a significant p value (or non-significant p value) really the difference between a nobel prize an

A very valuable ‘source’ forwarded this through to me and I thought it was a nice little clip that was worth sharing. The clip is called “Dance of the p value” and it nicely summarises some of the issues associated with solely relying on the p value to interpret data. The question which is posed is can we trust p…

As you may, or may not know, the p value is a measure of strength of the evidence against the null hypothesis (otherwise interpreted as no difference between two groups). The smaller the p value the greater the evidence there is against the null hypothesis and therefore the results suggest that a real difference exists. But interpreted on its own the question still remains is the p value reliable and can we trust p?

Thank you Geoff Cumming and his team from La Trobe Uni for this peppy and musical explanation of p values!