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Weird Science

Following the theme from Teresa’s recent post, I too have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Systematic Reviews. But one of the small pleasures I take from the interminable task of screening thousands and thousands of titles is finding those weird and bizarre studies. Ones that either; a) I wish I’d thought of, b) I wish I’d worked on, or c) raised some questions regarding what the hell is going on. A common theme is that all of the titles left me wanting to know more (or sometimes less).

In celebration of a review I am currently working on, and the New Year, I though I’d present the top 13 weird/awesome/scary article titles I’ve identified so far, along with just one of the many questions they left me with. So, in the spirit of entertainment, perhaps inspiration and in no particular order;

  • An unusual case of double death Archiv fur Kriminologie (2003) 211(3-4): 81-89.

  • Does this mean there really is reincarnation?

  • Trampolines in New Zealand: a decade of injuries." British Journal of Sports Medicine 28(4): 234-38.

  • Is the problem trampolines or New Zealanders?

  • Sausage asphyxia. International Journal of Clinical Practice 2001 55(10): 723-24.

  • Worth it?

  • Exploding head syndrome. Headache 2001 41(6): 602-03.

  • Does this really happen?

  • Diseases of the spine in South American mummies. Neurosurgery 2001 48(1): 208-13.

  • Should you still recommend paracetamol and advice to stay active?

  • The man who mistook his patient for a chair: a speculation regarding sitting mechanical treatment of lower back pain. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies 1998 2(2): 88-100.

  • Is this the man you want treating your back pain?

  • Roller coaster headaches revisited. Surgical Neurology 2003 60(5): 398-401.

  • They’ve been visited previously?

  • Aircrew ejections in the Republic of Bulgaria, 1953-93." Aviation Space & Environmental Medicine 1996 67(4): 364-68.

  • Is there a more specialised niche research field than this?

  • Elevator surfing: a deadly new form of joyriding. Journal of Forensic Sciences 1992 37(2): 640-45.

  • Do elevators float?

  • The benign and malignant forms of orgasmic cephalalgia. Sexual aspects of headaches. Madison, CT, International Universities Press, Inc: 75-77. 1992.

  • Is this the worst STD there is?

  • Use of butter and cheese in 10 European countries: a case of contrasting educational differences. European Journal of Public Health 2003 13(2): 124-32.

  • I love cheese (obviously more of a statement than a question).

  • Curling iron-related injuries presenting to U.S. emergency departments. Academic Emergency Medicine 2001 8(4): 395-97.

  • Are they just doing it the wrong way?

  • Mammalian bite injuries to the head and neck region. Journal of the College of Physicians & Surgeons - Pakistan 2005 15(8): 485-88.

  • Shouldn’t this be preventable?