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We need your suggestions!!!!!!!!!

ICECReamers gather round! We need your input to help develop an opportunity for Early Career Researchers at the upcoming World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress that is being held from May 1-4, 2015 in Singapore. For more information on the congress itself, take a peek at the website (http://www.wcpt.org/congress). In brief, this congress is the largest physiotherapy conference in the world and brings together physiotherapists from all around the globe. It attracts students, brand new physiotherapists, very experienced clinicians, early career researchers, very experienced researchers and also people who are interested in knowing more about health and disease. As such, this congress provides an excellent opportunity to open the communication channels between researchers and clinicians.

We have been approached to contribute ideas for events, seminars, discussions, etc. that could be available at this conference for early career researchers. This request comes directly from the scientific board and so our suggestions have a very good chance of guiding the final format of this congress. Now here’s where we need your help ICECReamers! We want to hear your opinions, we want to hear your ideas and we want to hear your dreams! What should we do at the conference to both engage and provide opportunities for early career researchers that would be most beneficial at a personal level, but also beneficial at a scientific level? What is it that you’d most like to see at a conference like this?