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ICECReam Guruview - Prof Lorimer Moseley

We haven’t done one of these for a while. Here we ask an established researcher for their thoughts on the biz.

Lorimer Moseley will be name familiar to many of you in the pain and/or physiotherapy research field. His research is all about understanding the role of the brain and mind complex and chronic pain disorders, he’s published 100s of papers, given 1000s of talks, likes to ride a bike and doesn’t mind sticking his boot in on the indoor football court. He is also a friend of the ICECReam and has kindly set apart a bit of his busy day to fill in our Guruview.

ICECReam: In 25 words or less tell us about your PhD experience

LM: Excellent with periods of boredom, elation, intrigue, satisfaction, apprehension, intense and rapid learning, stimulation. Felt lucky to be doing it.

ICECReam: In casual conversations with normal people (i.e. not scientists), what do you say you do for work?

LM: I do research on humans to try to understand why we hurt and why some people keep hurting.

ICECReam: Complete this sentence: You’ve made it in research when…

LM: Not really sure i know what this means, but i don't have a sense that you ever really get there in research - it is more being resonant with the journey.

ICECReam: What is your favourite amusing and/or inspirational quote?

LM: Amusing: Great night for Jesus. Inspirational: It is not your abilities that make you great, it is your decisions.

ICECReam: What are you most proud of so far, career-wise?

LM: I try to avoid pride because it never really feels legitimate - it is always some sort of group effort. I am happiest about loving my job and enjoying the people I work with.

ICECReam: Who is the smartest person you know ? What does she/he do for a living?

LM: I know many smart people, who do a wide range of things for a living. I don't think smart is a linear concept.

ICECReam: What is the best thing about your job? The worst?

LM: The trifecta - get paid well to do enjoyable things that resonate with my values and belief system.

ICECReam: What is the best decision you’ve made in your research career?

LM: To be open and collaborative and to presume we are all mates until proven otherwise.

ICECReam: Your students are: a constant source of entertainment?,

LM: challenging, intelligent co-workers?

[endif]--![endif]--ICECReam: Your students are:

  1. a constant source of entertainment?

  2. [endif]--challenging, intelligent co-workers?

  3. [endif]--the reason you wake up in the morning?

  4. [endif]--the bane of your existence?

LM: challenging, intelligent co-workers

ICECReam: Which historical leader best typifies your leadership style:

  1. Dalai Lama (happy role model)

  2. Mahatma Gandhi (peaceful idealist)

  3. [endif]--![endif]--Margaret Thatcher (iron-willed disciplinarian)[endif]--![endif]--

  4. Genghis Khan (ruthless tyrant)[endif]--![endif]--

  5. Bill Clinton (charismatic charmer)[endif]--![endif]--

  6. Dalai Lama (chilled-out role model)[endif]--![endif]--

  7. Boris Yeltsin (mostly drunk)

LM: Dalai Lama (chilled-out role model)

ICECReam: What qualities do you look for w hen choosing a PhD/research student?




LM: A mix of values that fit our team values and academic capability.

ICECReam: What is your favourite w ay to relieve stress?

LM: I don't get much so i have not ever paid much attention to relieving it.

ICECReam: Any other pearls of wisdom you would like to give to ICECReam readers?

LM: Identify your values. Focus on making your work/PhD fit your values. In all you do and say, hold it up to your values and stay true.