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Handing over the keys to the ICECReam van

In 2010, Nick, Tasha, Leo, Lu, and myself were all coming to the end of our PhDs and started to talk about putting something together to connect and support ECRs, over the next little bit Chris and Zoe came on board too. From a primordial soup of passion for science, uncertainty about the future, altruism, insecurity, caffeine and beer – the ICECReam emerged.

Since then we’ve had some successes; over 100 posts, invitations to provide input into ECR programming at international conferences, organisation of professional and social events, interaction with >500 people via social media, and the chance to talk about life as an ECR to people from all over the world. Of course, it hasn’t all gone completely to plan, we had hoped to be able to generate more discussion and interaction through the site, getting content up hasn’t always been consistent as we’d like, and some of the things we planned to do haven’t really come off. But overall, it has gone pretty well so far, and we’ve had no shortage of positive feedback and compliments all along the way.

Two things that we thought were really important from the start was that the ICECReam didn’t become about the people that started it, and that it kept a focus on the issues and concerns relevant to ECRs. Like all good researchers we are always concerned with generalisability and relevance! With those two thoughts front of mind, and the original crew moving past the ECR stage, now feels like a good time to pass on leadership of the ICECReam.

On behalf of all the old team, thanks to everyone that has read, written, liked, enjoyed, commented or spoken to us about ICECReam stuff. We’ve really enjoyed the chance to interact with ECRs from across the globe, and are appreciative of all the interest, encouragement and kind words. We’ll be looking on with interest at how things go, and wish Hopin, Bruno and Tiê all the best in taking the ICECReam van to the next destination.

PS. If you’re heading to the WCPT conference in Cape Town this year, the new ICECReam crew are organising the ECR workshop there – make sure you get along and say hello!