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New ICECReam Flavours!

Introducing ourselves!

Following up from Steve’s post last month, we are here to introduce some new flavours to the ICECReam van. This means that we (Bruno, Tiê and Hopin) will organise new content to share with you. We are three early career researchers who, as many others, have been inspired by the ICECReam over the past few years.

Steve, Nick, Tasha, Leo, Lu, Chris, Zoe, and many other contributors have done a great job. They have connected thousands of early career researchers around the world, and we are very excited to continue (and hopefully extend) this collaboration.

We want the ICECReam to continue to be a space for early career researchers to read something interesting and inspiring, write about their difficulties and skills, present their work, find jobs and conferences opportunities, and to establish links for collaboration and friendship. We want more and more people to engage in this network to discuss and disseminate ideas, so we can build a strong network of early career researchers across the globe.

The ICECReam only exists because of you. We have lots of ideas and are very excited to share these with you! So, keep an eye on our social media and help us grow!

Our first event will be at the WCPT congress in South Africa. We are running a Networking Session for Early Career Researchers on the 3rd of July between 8:30 and 9:45am. So, if you are around, please come say hello!


Bruno, Tiê and Hopin